Rendez-vous in South Bank | 6-7-8 July 2018

DJ Orelee

DJ Orelee

DJ Orelee is a creative and original 'djette' ready to cook up a storm on the dancefloor at Le Festival's special French electro night!
As a child Orelee spent hours with the record turntable of her parents...vinyls from the 1980's were dominant. As a teenager she was passionate about different forms of artistic expression and at 17 she joined a large variety and pop-rock orchestra. For 5 years, until 2002, Orelee learnt different technical aspects of the profession: acoustics,
the installation and use of equipment, song, dance, décor and costumes.

It was in 2003, during language studies in the heart of Ireland's countryside, that she decided to become a DJ. Her initial training was in Nantes in France where she equipped herself and created her own musical events. Graduating in 2005 from the UCPA Musical and Scenic Animations in Lyon, Orelee enjoyed a series of contracts where she
demonstrated exceptional adaptability to her clients with a broad choice of music.

A Resident at the Club Med in the Hautes-Alpes during the winter and summer of 2007 she was invited in October to Club Med in the Turks and Caicos Archipelago to be the sole woman DJ Resident at the biggest Club in the islands. The visitors were principally Americans and Canadians. Orelee was Resident DJ there for 6 months and returned each season for the next 3 years as Club Med Artiste.

Returning to France, Orelee chose Paris to mix and animate numerous private parties in diverse venues: the Salon "Pret-a-porter Paris;" the Salon UMIH; Salon of the Photograph; Club Med; the Champs Elysees Bar; Rival de Lux; Ski Mix; ID night TGV; Opera Garnier; The 104, The 1515, The Bataclan and so many others..

In 2016 she left Paris and plunged into an Australian adventure bringing with her 13 years of experience and anticipation to mix the turntables for her new Australian friends!




8:35 pm - 10:00 pm



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