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The Art of Croissant Making Masterclass

With Lachlan Scott

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Le Festival's Materclasses 2024

The Art of Croissant Making Masterclass

Embark on a culinary adventure with our Croissant Making Masterclass, where the secrets of French pastry come to life. Under the expert guidance of renowned Pastry Chef Lachlan Scott, this class offers a hands-on approach to mastering the craft of the perfect croissant. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a beginner eager to expand your skills, this masterclass is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

During the session, Lachlan, along with associate bakers, will provide an interactive demonstration on the art of Viennoiseries making. Participants will not only learn the traditional techniques but also have the opportunity to engage directly with the presenters, ask questions, and gain insight into the nuances of authentic French pastry creation.

Each attendee will be treated to three samples of freshly made French croissant, allowing you to taste the quality and texture of expertly crafted pastries as part of your learning experience. The class is structured to ensure that all attendees receive personalised attention, with a limit of 30 participants per session and two sessions offered. Tea and coffee will also be provided to complement your pastry tasting.

Join us for this enriching The Art of Croissant Making Masterclass and turn your passion for baking into the ability to create delectable French pastries in your own kitchen.

Lachlan Scott

Lachlan Scott is a celebrated pastry chef and co-owner of the suburban gem, Flour and Chocolate, in Morningside, Brisbane. His culinary journey began in Pittsworth, where he started his apprenticeship at age 15, and was further honed at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast, working alongside German, French, and Turkish pastry chefs. After significant stints at prestigious Brisbane bakeries like Jocelyn’s Provisions and Brew Bakers, Lachlan, alongside his wife Kylie, opened their bakery in 2012. Flour and Chocolate quickly gained a loyal following, noted for its adherence to traditional baking methods and high-quality organic ingredients. Lachlan’s expertise shines in his creations, especially his famous almond croissants and a variety of specialty pastries that draw crowds from across the city.

Class inclusion:

  • Viennoiserie tasting samples
  • Take home croissant dough to make your own
  • 1h education with Pastry chef Lachlan Scott from successful Flour & Chocolate bakeries
  • ID required

All sales are final – no shows will be charged the full amount without refund.
Schedule subject to change.

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In stock

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