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Un "SPRING" Culturel: From Vezelay to Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port


Claude Tranchant



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One of the French sides of The Camino 

Are you ready to go on an expedition?
Claude Tranchant has an incredible story to tell, and she will take you on a journey as she shares the tale of her pilgrimage along the St James’ Way, across France, and Spain.
At age 64, Claude Tranchant decided to embark on this adventure, and walk along for 100 days: starting in Vezelay, Bourgogne Region – France, and finishing in Muxia – Galicia – Spain. Why did she decide to walk all this way, alone, in her mid 60s, even though she was not a long distance walker? You will get a first-hand recount of what lead Claude to take on such a trip.
It is an inspiring journey of unbelievable encounters, internal growth, inner reflection, and the will to achieve the unthinkable.
As Claude herself says, “On my return, I had left my burdens behind me, I had become a stronger person, more assertive, and believing in myself”.

My name is Ms. Claude Tranchant. I was born in Aix-les-Bains – Savoie – France.

I have two children and four adorable grandchildren.

In 2010, at the age of 64, though I was not a long distances walker, I left Brisbane with a backpack and walked, 2,500 km, alone, along the Saint-James’ Way, commonly known in Spain as the Camino, from Vezelay,  Bourgogne region – France, to finish 100 days, at Muxia – Galicia – Spain.

On my return to Australia, I could not fit into our world. After soul-searching and with the kind and wise words of a friend, I wrote Boots to Bliss.

Boots to Bliss is among the Best Sellers in Brisbane, Australia. It has been nominated as one of the books to read if you want to walk the Saint James’ Way – Camino and is sold all around the world.

In 2015, I had the honor to meet Monsieur Francois Hollande at the Opera House, in Sydney.

In my seventies, I trekked in Australia and Nepal. At 72 years of age, I walked the Camino, France, Spain, for the second time, with the group “Camino Skies” for a filmed documentary. At the end of the filming, I kept on walking alone in Spain, and in Portugal.

In 2020, I launched my second book: Boots to Freedom.

For the past, 14 and 16 years, I have been volunteering in two different hospitals in Brisbane, in Palliative care – end of life and in cancer wards.

Recently, I won the award “ de l’Annee en Australie, 2021” in the category: Sport – Culture, in Le Courrier Australien’s competition and in collaboration with The Consulat General de France in Sydney.

I have done many presentations, and Q&A’s over the years in Australia; videos interviews in Australia, America, Spain, Portugal; and radio interviews in Australia, France, and Brazil.

Class Details: 

  • Date – Saturday 11th September 2021
  • Time – 2pm
  • Duration – 60 Minutes
  • Location – Queensland Multicultural Centre, 102 Main St, Kangaroo Point
  • Tickets – FREE
  • Presented By – Claude Tranchant
  • Audience Capacity – 100

Conference Includes:

  • Coffee, tea, Evian Water and Orangina as well as croissants and pains au chocolat will be available on the day.


  • Masks required

Schedule subject to change.
Attendees will be required to follow our COVID-19 safe venue procedures.

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