Covid 19 Update

In 2020, in light of the situation with the pandemic, we had to postpone our 10th anniversary edition of our main event. The situation looks more promising this year for us, however we are still taking precautions for the health and safety of all involved in Le Festival.

We are organising a series of smaller events that will enable us to gather in a safe manner and still celebrate the heart of why we do what we do – our passion for la France: Le Festival’s Four Seasons. 

To ensure your safety throughout Le Festival’s events this year, we have implemented appropriate safety measures to make sure that our gatherings are COVID-free – but we need your help to make it happen and keep it going!

What you can do to help

Stay Safe

If you feel unwell, stay home

Social Distancing

Maintain 1.5meter social distancing

Small Group

Maintain a max. of 6 people at any one table

Wash your Hands

Sanitise/wash your hands before entering the event or any marked off area

Bring Your Own...

Consider bringing your own (face mask, keep-cup, water bottle).
Stay sustainable and reduce risk of contamination!

Minimize Handling

Minimize touching surfaces and handling goods.

Use Sanitiser

Make use of sanitiser and wipes when provided.

What we are doing to protect you

COVID Screening

Appropriate COVID19 screening for visitors and employees.

Social Distancing

Social distancing measures put in place throughout the event to ensure visitor safety.

Markings and Signage

Floor markings, queue systems, and signage to guide all our visitors through social distancing and COVID measures.

Washing Stations

Hand-washing and sanitisation stations available throughout the event.

Regular Sanitisation

Regular sanitisation of regularly touched surfaces.

Sitting and Dining

Ensuring seating and dining areas are appropriately set up to adhere to social distancing policies.

Any updates about Le Festival 2021 regarding COVID-19 will be posted here, as well as across our social media. In the meantime, stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media for updates.

We look forward to seeing you all soon to celebrate the best of France and Australia once again. Ensemble, we can do anything.

If you wish to help Le Festival, please visit the follow link: It only takes a few minutes.