Help LE FESTIVAL – Twenty for 2020 

Help us survive 2020

We need you to keep Le Festival on Queensland’s annual cultural calendar! “Ensemble” we can make it.

A little bit of context

Le Festival is a not-for-profit independant association run by a dedicated committee of 25+ volunteers. We all pride ourselves on always seeking quality, authenticity, and originality with every event we have put on over the last ten years. Every year, our primary source of income is our 3-day event ticket sales. Any surplus we collect is then put towards making the event better for the next editions.

In 2019, you may remember the three days of poor weather which resulted in an overall lower attendance and significantly impacted our event. This year, with COVID-19, no event of our scale will yet be permitted to proceed in Brisbane in July. In addition, like many organisations Le Festival is not entitled to any current government support (ie. job keeper, stimulus, or art package).,

The 2020 situation

In light of the current situation, the committee have made the difficult decision to cancel the originally planned July event, and postpone to October 2020 (provided that the conditions allow us to hold the event in its current format).
As a consequence, this poses the risk of seriously endangering the future of Le Festival – and not just us- for the years to come.

Supporting local communities

Over the years, we have successfully collaborated with over 17 local suppliers (equipment hire, waste management, audio-visual, security, cleaning, electricians, fencing, removals… and contributing to over ¼ M dollars to the entertainment industry each year) as well as around 60 exhibitors in our French Market (that’s 50 small business and 10 other associations showcasing French culture to you!), and over 100 local, interstate and overseas artists performing on our Main Stage every year. There are many things involving a degree of monetisation that take place behind the scenes to make our event happen.

To continue doing so, we need to do something we have never done before in our ten years. Today, for the first time, we are calling for donations.

Twenty for 2020

Our campaign fundraising target is $20,000 in 40 days, which will cover all of our 2020 annual administrative expenses until the next event.

Just take a second to imagine this:

  • If half of the visitors who attend our event last year donated $2 each, that would cover all of our administrative expenses for the year
  • If 2,000 people gave us $50 each, that would ensure all our hire equipment is coverered for our next event (We could even add more shades and seating area 🙂 )
    This really shows just how much of a difference even the smallest contribution can and will make.

Merci - Thank you

We greatly appreciate all the support we have received over the years, and we can assure you that it does not go unnoticed. Any contribution, big or small, will go a long way to ensuring Le Festival’s continued success for many years to come. It will significantly assist us to continue delivering Queensland’s iconic French celebration and ensure that the event endures through the most adverse circumstances.

Ensemble, we can do it !