Authentic French Cutlery

Nothing says true French elegance like authentic french cutlery pieces from Laguiole Jean Néron and Laguiole En Aubrac.

Calling the French cutlery capital Thiers their home, Laguiole Jean Néron’s ranges are proudly made in the heart of the area where cutlers have been crafting cutlery for over seven centuries. Each piece features the hallmark Laguiole bee, and a timeless style and spirit of design that has been passed down through 3 generations.

Laguiole En Aubrac is a collector's guilty pleasure. Each piece undergoes a long production journey: a single artisan works on a knife from start to finish to ensure it is of the utmost quality, with the handle bearing the unique signature of its creator when it is finished. The range also includes a selection of stunning wine openers made from unique materials, such as fossilised mammoth ivory.

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