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French Caribbean Food

French Caribbean Food is a new and exciting catering service offering recipes of delicacies, appetizers and finger food inspired from exotic destinations, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion Island, which are part of the French Caribbean Islands, also known as the West Indies.

Their main specialties are :
- Cod puffs, also called ‘ Accras or Bacalao’ ~ little fritters made of salted dried codfish, herbs and spices, served fresh and ‘ hot’. They can be prepared more or less spicy to satisfy all the taste buds.

- Bokits, also called ‘creole burgers’ ~ typical Guadeloupe sandwiches served with homemade bread. The bread is also called ‘Johnny cake’, a kind of fried bread that the New England colonies may have borrowed from the Indians.
This bun is traditionally stuffed with cod fish or chicken.

- Samosa, ‘Reunion Island style’ ~ This delicacy inspired from India is made of exotic flavours and filled with beef or chicken.

- Achard or ‘Pickled vegetables’ ~ This fresh mixed of crunchy vegetable from the Mauritius Island and Reunion Island is generally served as a side or can garnish a sandwich.

- Pastelle, pastry filled with Tuna

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