French Yummies

Bonjour food lovers!

We are a French couple who arrived in Brisbane 6 years ago. Having been welcomed so warmly in Australia, we decided it was our turn to share some of our favourite pieces of France with you!

We have created French Yummies - an online market based in BRISBANE. We import from France a unique line of reusable decorative tins filled with authentic french confectioneries such as salted butter caramels, butter biscuits, nougats… We also have a delicious range of French duck products and a selection of our favourite French groceries.

*FREE pick-up on all orders! (available in Brisbane)
*FREE shipping Australia wide for order over $150!

Come and meet us at Le Festival to enjoy the authentic taste of France and even get some awesome gifts for your loved ones! We hope you will love our yummy products as much as we do and we look forward to seeing you!

Laetitia & Raphael

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