At Bottli, we believe that a good bottle of wine should bring joy and spread happiness. Indeed Bottli was born to ensure you receive only the best quality exclusive French and Australian wines. We dedicate our days to finding those gems that will make you remember a moment, a place, a taste…a memory!

Indeed, our French family heritage and passion for wine has guided us toward this passion for small-scale unique artisan winemakers. We now draw on our personal relationships with those winemakers to share with you their stories, creative processes and philosophies.

Moreover, our expert Sommeliers carefully select each wine, ensuring that only the best products that France and Australia have to offer make it into our boxes. Beyond sharing a product, we aim to share a fully-immersive wine experience, delivered straight to your door each month. A such, with each box we provide stories about the winemaker or vineyard, tasting notes for each wine, and even food and wine pairing suggestions. We believe that a fine wine should be paired with fine food…

Thus, prepare yourself to taste our wines the French way!

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