Le Festival 2020 Cultural Webinars

The Traditional Artisans of France: The Companions of Duty

For more than nine centuries Les Compagnons du Devoir (The Companions of Duty) have been providing high quality training for young people in a variety of manual trades. Training offers both apprenticeships and higher-level skills training for traditional and modern techniques. Trainees move between workplaces all over France and abroad, learning a trade but also about themselves, through experience of different people and cultures.

Training helps students achieve excellence in one of 30 trades from initial qualifications through to Masters degree (Australian equivalent).

Les Compagnons du Devoir are one of two schools in the world recognised under UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage safe-guarding program+.
Pre-COVID it was estimated that fewer than 100 Compagnons were residing across Australia.

Join four Compagnons who live and work on Australia’s east coast as they discuss history, education and bringing their highly regarded skills to the Australian workforce.


Live Streaming from Byron Bay and Melbourne!
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Thomas De Toni, Laurent Le Pochat, Bertrand Richardot & Anthony Clément

Thomas is a metal fabricator and blacksmith (Serrurier-métallier). Laurent is cabinet and furniture maker (Ébéniste). The two originally became friends while study in Epernay, France and dreamt of collaborating in their respective trades. Years later the two coincidentally met again near Byron Bay Australia where they now work together to produce handcrafted pieces of furniture and architectural fittings in their business partnership at MullumJoinery Wood & Metal.

Web: mullumjoinery.com.au
FB and Insta: @mullumjoinery

Email: mullumjoinery@gmail.com

Bertrand is a pastry chef (Pâtissier). He lived in Melbourne for many years working at Laurent bakery. Seeking a sea-change Bertrand and his family now live near Byron Bay. Last year he dived into the world of small business and launched a range of nutritious artisanal nut spreads, Holy Nuts.

: holynuts.com.au
FB and Insta: @holynuts.byronbay

Email: holynuts.byron@gmail.com

Anthony is a Joiner (Menuisier). His masterly skills were taking him around the world in 2017 to work on some prestigious construction projects until he found love in Melbourne. He currently works for an eco-friendly construction company, Grenville Architectural Construction. His first job in Australia was working with Thomas and Laurent on a shopfitting project.

Insta: @anthologic_design


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