Le Festival 2020 Cultural Webinars

The French Revolution in 30 Minutes and 3 Paintings

This short presentation will introduce the French Revolution through the eyes and the works of the most famous artist of that period, Jacques Louis David. David was both an actor and a spectator in the French Revolution. As deputy in the new republic he was directly making history, rubbing shoulders with emblematic villains and heroes, while his position as the most brilliant painter of the time allowed him to record this very intense historical period. Florence will present an overview of those troubled times period through three of his works.


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Florence Thiriot

Florence Thiriot was born in a Parisian family of art specialists and took her passion for visual arts across several continents. After growing up in the shadow of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Florence spent her life between Europe, West Africa and finally Australia. Since her arrival in Brisbane 10 years ago, Florence has shared her knowledge of big and small stories of French art within their historical context through public talks in Brisbane and Melbourne.


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