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Le Festival 2020 Cultural Webinars

Organic Wine Boom, A Sustainable Trend?

In 2020, it comes as no surprise that there is indeed such a thing as organic, biodynamic, and even vegan wine.

But, what is it? When we drink bio wine, is it the same as organic wine? Or is just a marketing ploy? What are the rules and regulations in France for this type of wine? Is it different in Australia? Why does it exist? What about the future? Is it a sustainable trend?

Enjoy a glass of your favourite wine or champagne as you listen to Sebastien Laboucarie uncover the fascinating story of bio wine and answer the above questions (and more) in this educational episode.


Live Streaming from Byron Bay!
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Sébastien Laboucarie

My name is Sebastien, I am 31, and I come from a wine loving family and 3 generations of French winemakers. So, I naturally took up wine as a career after completing my Master in business and traveling 2 years around the world. I’ve been living in Australia for about 8 years and I love showing Aussies what French terroirs have to offer!


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