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Champagne: A Short History of the Cultural Significance of Champagne – the drink and the region

Join Amanda Reboul as she takes you through a short history of Champagne and its cultural significance for France and to the rest of the world.

Since being fascinated by the region of Champagne for over 30 years, Amanda has extensively studied what exactly it is that makes Champagne so special. Far from ‘just’ being celebratory drink, champagne has earned its place in history. Apart from being the wine drunk to celebrate the crowning of all of the French Kings in Reims, Champagne the region and champagne the drink have a very unique and culturally significant place in the world of Wine.

Enjoy a fascinating bubbly voyage of discovery!


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Amanda Reboul

An independent champagne ambassador, Amanda Reboul’s passion lies in illuminating the magic of champagne through education. Since returning to Australia after many years in France, Amanda has carved a niche in the world of champagne with bespoke events, masterclasses, lunches and dinners, and speaking about champagne in both the corporate and consumer worlds. In 2014, Amanda was a finalist in the professional division of the prestigious Vin De Champagne Awards. In 2016, she created Effervescence – Australia’s first festival entirely dedicated to champagne.

She has since gone on to study her Champagne Masters certificate and WSET Level 3 certificate in Wine and Spirits. She loves nothing more than popping a cork and sharing her passion for champagne. .


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