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Café en Terrasse avec Caroline Vosse au Café de Flore

Bienvenue! Welcome to this live interview with Caroline Vosse – a French woman who returned to live in France – and Lisa Barmby – a well-known Australian artist who went to live in France – en terrasse at Café de Flore in Paris to talk about lifestyle (French and Australian).

What makes each of these lifestyles unique? What does one have that the other does not?
Why might a French person in Australia begin to feel homesick after a while, and vice versa?

As a French woman living in Australia for many years, Caroline realised that there was still something missing – that ‘je ne sais quoi’ from her French culture that creates a void which the Australian way of life just cannot fill. Similarly, Lisa will share the Australian perspective of the same theme: that there is a certain something in the way of life of one’s native culture, that just cannot be recreated anywhere else but in that country.

Join Caroline and Lisa Barmby as they take you on a personal and educational journey – straight from Paris!

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Live Streaming from Café Flore in Paris
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Your Presenter

Caroline Vosse

True Frenchy, entrepreneur(e), happy, dreamer, feminin(ist), believer, adventurous, lover of life, lover of love, passionate, curious, self-confessed that less is more, Chanelophile, photographer, fashionista and stylista, traveller, inspired, chocolate afficionada, epicurean, gastronome, speaker, thinker and over-thinker, cat woman, reader, smiler, enthusiast of good wine, wilder…

I’m Caroline – a French brunette who decided to expand my life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a few trips, I decided to settle in Melbourne, Australia to learn English, but also to challenge my personal and professional life. As a true believer that everything is possible, I want to share with you my beliefs: I believe in the uniqueness of everyone. I believe that if you really want you can. I believe that style is about self-confidence. I believe in the empowerment of femininity. I believe in elegance. I believe in French style. I believe that style is ageless. I believe that less is more. I believe that Love is the answer. I believe that Art is also the answer. My philosophy, there is beauty in everything (or almost everything) so sharpen your eyes, open your mind and heart, and find this je ne sais quoi.

Bienvenue to my French world.


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