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Proper Etiquette: Relevant Or Redundant?

Are good manners and proper etiquette still necessary social lubricants or do they belong in the past, just like Marie-Antoinette?

Are their observance a matter of country of origin, antiquated thinking and socio-economic class or are their execution what makes social interactions bearable, regardless of who you are, where you are and who you are with?

For the purpose of this simple and straight forward presentation, I will take you through the steps of hosting a dinner party for friends from the time you send an invite through to the point of saying good night. When in some situations a mere faux-pas can ruin all your efforts, why not avoid it?

Spoiler alert: rudeness has never closed its borders. It is certainly not to be confused with cultural differences.

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Carline Bouilhet-Christofle

In my opinion, being a seventh generation member of the family who founded the House of Christofle, the famed French silversmith whose creations have flooded the courts of Europe and elsewhere since 1830, would not be quite reason enough to be called an etiquette expert.

On the other hand, my familiarity with three continents, Europe, America, and Australia for the last two decades, has turned me into one, albeit by default. Indeed, teaching people day in and day out how to set a table or prepare for a dinner party, naturally covers many crucial points of etiquette and likewise recaps those manners necessary to do so flawlessly. And so I have literally taught etiquette for a very, very long time. When I next encounter a writer’s block whilst writing my thrillers, I have in mind to eventually author an etiquette book applicable to our way-of-living in the 21st century.

As a former university professor, teaching and thus patiently explaining and deconstructing myths and misconceptions also comes quite naturally.


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