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Le Festival 2020 Cultural Webinars

Indigenous Australian Art in the French Artistic Panorama

Come along on a journey between two cultures with Laure Niveau. She will discuss her career routes in France and in Australia.

Working from Paris with Indigenous Australian communities since 2004, Laure saw the emergence and opening of the Musee du Quai Branly – a museum that features first nations arts and cultures from across the world including some Australian paintings and artefacts. Living and working in Australia since 2007, she will talk about the longest living culture on earth we have the honor to share a land with and the place of Indigenous Australian art in Australia and in France.

Enjoy an educational lesson in Indigenous art that has a place in two very different cultures.


Live Streaming from Gold Coast!
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Laure Niveau

Based in Paris where I was born and grew up, I opened my first gallery specialised in Indigenous Australian art and culture, L’Espace Ab’Origine, in 2004, during a time Indigenous Australian art was slowly emerging in France, making it a very exciting time to show and teach about the amazing Indigenous Australian art as most of the public had never heard about it.

Between 2004 and 2007 I had the privilege to work with leading Indigenous Australian artists such as Gracie Morton Pwerle, Ada Bird Petyarre and even had the honour to present some paintings of the great Wenten Rubuntja.

I work in an unconditional respectful and open collaboration with every communities and Indigenous art centres I represent. Every artworks I present have been meticulously selected and are all authentic and certified.

I am a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code which helps protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists by getting sellers of their art to commit to treating artists fairly, honestly and respectfully.

The Code ensures a fair and ethical trade for the artists as well as transparency.


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