Le Festival 2020 Cultural Webinars

A French Family Adventure in the Australian Sustainability World

Winners of the 2019 Lord Mayor Business Award in Environmental Sustainability, Elodie and Guillaume will describe how their personal and professional experiences of the last 15 years lead them to Australia, and talk about their decision to adopt a more sustainable approach in their lives and businesses. From their dream of being self-sufficient in their passive house, to changing the tyre recycling industry in Australia, they will explain how this impacts their family and beyond, showing their French background in this journey is adding some flavour.

As renowned entrepreneurs, their latest venture, Tyrestock, is the only stakeholder of the tyre industry to be able to guarantee that the tyres they sell or collect will be recycled in the most environmentally friendly way. Their initiative won a highly-regarded distinction last year from the city of Brisbane, as the recipient of the Lord Mayor Business Award in Environmental Sustainability. The message was clear: entrepreneurs must engrave sustainability as a core value from the very start of their business journey. This is very much aligned with Elodie and Guillaume’s philosophy, which is constantly driven to leave the best legacy for their kids.

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Guillaume & Elodie - Tyrestock Co-Founders

Elodie and Guillaume (aka William) arrived in Australia in 2011 with their two suitcases, and a vision of establishing their family ‘down under’. Two young kids later (5yo and 8yo), they embarked with their family on an entrepreneurial journey structured around their core values: environment sustainability, and doing business for good.


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