Volunteers 2019

Help us make Le Festival 2019 a wonderful and unforgettable edition. Let’s show Brisbane the best our vibrant communities can put together to celebrate all things French. Whether you’re passionate about photography, arts, food, wines and champagnes, children activities or just love everything French, we’d love to have you back as a volunteer. Le Festival is a not-for-profit association and we would not be able to do it without you! MERCI!

All the volunteers will receive:

  • Le Festival's Volunteer T-Shirt - They have now become collectables.
  • A FREE entry to the event. The biggest French festival in Australia.
  • A French Baguette sandwich with cheese.
  • A bottle of exquisite French pure Evian water.
  • A lot of recognition from all of us.
  • A French Kiss! OK maybe just a hug then... 

NB: You don’t have to speak French to volunteer!
Please note that the system will take only one volunteer per email adress.
Please download the South Bank Compliance Handbook to learn everything you need to know about our location:
View/Download South Bank's Compliance Handbook

Thank you again to all the volunteers of the previous editions!

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