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Volunteers 2024

We are sorry but the Volunteer registration for Le Festival 2023 is now closed.
See you at Le Festival this week-end !

On aime le festival !

If you’re reading this, we’d say you love Le Festival! Are we right? 
Le Festival would not be the ‘magnifique’ festival it is without the help of all our lovely volunteers. We need you to help us deliver the best French festival around! So, with that said, we would love you to join us to make Le Festival 2023 a wonderful and unforgettable edition.
Let us show Brisbane the power of French and Francophone communities that can work together and deliver a festival celebrating all things French.

If you’re passionate about culture, food, entertainment, children’s activities, wine and champagne, or just absolutely love the French culture – or if you’re just looking for something unforgettable and worthwhile to do on this particular weekend in July – then we’d love to have you on board! … And, if you have volunteered before, then a very warm welcome back to you, and a big MERCI for joining us once again! 

Le Festival 2023 - Volunteers' Registration Form

All the volunteers will receive:

FREE entry to the event – the biggest French festival in Australia.
A meal voucher to collect your French Baguette sandwich.
A lot of recognition from all of us.
A French ‘Bisous’ (Kiss)! … OK, maybe just a hug then…
Remember: You don’t have to speak French to volunteer!
Please note: when registering, the system will only accept one volunteer per email address, and we only accept volunteers 18+.


Live entertainment ​Program

All Week-end Roving

Ruba Tuba ♦ Mademoiselle Glitter ♦ Stilt walkers ♦ Mlle Glitter – Eiffel Tower ♦ French acrobats ♦ Ground Rovers