Bleu, Blanc, Rouge... and GREEN !

We are pleased to announce that Le Festival presented by Le Cordon Bleu is on its journey to become more sustainable in 2019 and beyond !

This year, we are committed to bring our event to you with exciting sustainable strategies revolving around one slogan: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

We are proud to partner with SUEZ and Reward Hospitality to collaborate on our sustainability initiatives.

Waste management

Le Festival is proud to partner with SUEZ, with one major goal: to greatly minimise waste sent to landfill in 2019. SUEZ operates largely in the water treatment and waste management sectors, supporting efforts to protect, access, and optimize the use of natural resources, and create new ones through re-use and recycling.

Let's start the momentum together! Le Festival organisers are ready - are you?

· This year, we have banned single-use plastics such as: plastic straws, balloons, plastic bags and polystyrene.

· We are introducing fully commercially compostable or recyclable serve ware and coffee cups - thanks to our partner Reward Hospitality and their products from BioPak.

· There will be a number of bins arranged on site to help visitors, exhibitors, and volunteers to sort the different kind of waste properly and appropriately.

Do the right thing and use the right bin; Ask a festival volunteer if you're unsure!

· Remember to bring your reusable water bottle- refill water stations provided by South Bank Corporation are available on site.

· Remember to bring your reusable coffee cup.

Active Travel

Brisbane is very well organised with regards to public transport and city cycle. We encourage our visitors and our volunteers to get around South Bank Cultural Forecourt in an eco-friendly way: Bus, city-cycle, Lime-S Scooters, Car-pool, trains and ferries or walking ! Visit our Getting There page to learn more about active transport options.


Your contribution

It takes many people to bring Le Festival to life and to make a difference in supporting a cleaner environment.

We strongly believe that our sustainability initiatives will continue to improve and inspire in years to come. Le Festival is constantly working to reduce the amount of waste produced and its impact on the environment. We will only be successful if we, as organiser, and you, as participants, continue to work together and strive for the best.

The Cultural Forecourt is a lovely part of South Bank, a wonderful green area overlooking the river in the heart of Brisbane and Le Festival is in the enviable position of having the privilege to hold its event on these grounds.

Please remember to not litter during Le Festival, we will provide all the necessary bins and volunteers to help you throughout the venue.

Remember to be safe and act responsively to not hurt yourself or others around you, including climbing on trees, damaging the grass or the environment.


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