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Bagua Lala

Sadia’s jewellery craft started from a fascination with something we see and use everyday, but probably don’t think too much about… buttons! …And, that then became Bagua Lala: coming from “Bagues à Lala”, because at the start of her creative journey, Sadia created rings only (bagues), and Lala is her nickname. Over the last almost 13 years, the Bagua Lala family has progressively evolved to include earrings, greeting cards, and huge paper clips. But – buttons are still at the heart; buttons, and their stories, are central to Sadia’s brand. She says, “I hope my pieces of jewellery and stationery will have a chance to meet you and take care of you”.

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Live entertainment ​Program

All Week-end Roving

Ruba Tuba ♦ Mademoiselle Glitter ♦ Stilt walkers ♦ Mlle Glitter – Eiffel Tower ♦ French acrobats ♦ Ground Rovers