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Le Festival’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Le Festival is committed to advance and implement sustainability initiatives to limit our impact on the environment.

In 2019, the team successfully implemented initial sustainability measures. Since then, we have worked to ensure that every move we make in our organisation is done with our green mission in mind. This year, the goal is to develop that even further. Led by our passionate volunteers who work actively with exhibitors, suppliers, volunteers, visitors, and others, these initiatives endeavour to make Le Festival a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable event.

If you have any questions, or how you can contribute to our sustainability mission, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly volunteers will also be available to guide you in proper sustainable behaviour, and assist you during the event, to ensure that our sustainability commitment continues to be a success.

Our Actions

1 - Save Resources

We are committed to reducing the waste that goes to landfill by engaging in proper waste management. Composting and recycling waste streams will be available to our visitors and stallholders. Different bins will be effectively positioned around the site, and to assist you in helping us by appropriately disposing of your waste, each bin will be clearly labelled according to which caters for which waste category.

By taking the time to sort food waste and recyclables, you can actively contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

2 - Say ‘Non’ to plastic!

Since 2019, it’s a big ‘NON’ to plastic bags, straws, balloons, single-use plastic water bottles, and other soft single-use plastics at any of our events. In this way, we are helping prevent harm and injury to animals from them, reducing pollution, and protecting our oceans.

All of our serving, drinking, and eating dishes and utensils are commercially compostable or reusable, and we ensure that all of our food stallholders follow these sustainability guidelines.
You can even take home your reusable Le Festival cups from the bar as a souvenir of your time with us!


3 - Water

While we have banned soft and single-use plastics, we will continue to ensure that you stay hydrated. Water fountains and refill stations will be available in various locations throughout the event site, so we encourage you to bring your own water bottle to refill.

You can also purchase one of our eco-friendly bottles from our ‘Boutique de Maurice’ – Le Festival’s merchandise stall. A souvenir that helps our mission at the same time. 
Make every drop count!

4 - Active Transport

We promote active travel to and from our events.
Of course, we’re not stopping you from driving to Le Festival; however, we strongly encourage you to also consider the public and active transport options as a sustainable alternative.

There are several great alternatives available here in Brisbane – walking, CityCycle/bicycles, e-Scooters, buses, trains, CityCat, and more!

Visit our Getting There page to learn more about sustainable travel options.


5 - Reuse

Reuse your items where you can – bags, bottles, cups…. As we mentioned above, you can get a reusable water bottle from our “Boutique de Maurice”, and reuse the cups from the bar – souvenirs that support our sustainability mission. In this same spirit, you can also get a reusable Le Festival tote bag from our Merchandise Stall, bring reusable metal straws with you, bring your own cutlery if you wish… there are so many great ways to reuse what you already have. You can ask us for other ideas! 

Our Partners

Suez Australia & New Zealand

We are proud to partner with SUEZ Australia & New Zealand in our sustainability endeavours. SUEZ operates largely in the water treatment and waste management sectors, supporting efforts to protect, access, and optimize the use of natural resources, and create new ones through reusing and recycling


Aligning with our mission to become sustainable, we have joined Brisbane’s largest sustainability community – The Green Heart Business Program – run by CitySmart, Brisbane City Council.

Established in 2009 to help sustainability efforts across Brisbane, this program leverages knowledge, potential, and capacity, to create a more sustainable way of life through optimizing the use of money and resources.


Live entertainment ​Program

All Week-end Roving

Ruba Tuba ♦ Mademoiselle Glitter ♦ Stilt walkers ♦ Mlle Glitter – Eiffel Tower ♦ French acrobats ♦ Ground Rovers