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Le Festival mini-olympiades

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games have sent the world into a French frenzy, and here at Le Festival we don’t want you to miss out on the fun!

In our jam-packed Children’s Corner will be the Mini-Olympiades events and a break dance demo to celebrate the upcoming games. Families are encouraged to watch their little athletes go for gold and being among the festivities. This special edition of Le Festival will inspire young athletes to have fun and do their best in the following activities…

Le Festival Brisbane French Festival wheel south bank Brisbane Cultural forecourt

Tir à la corde (tug-of-war): This will bring excitement and build team spirit.

Boxing: Faris Le Fox, a Pure Boxing Class instructor will get the energy pumping with some friendly rounds of Mini-Olympiade boxing. 

Olympic Dance: Kids will learn the official Olympic dance, originating in the 1970s.

Relay Races: a competitive game  traditionally on track and field at the Games.

Egg and spoon races, Javelin throw (espadrille version) and soccer are also included. Finally, there will be a Trivia Wheel for children to take a spin and win prizes for what they know about the Olympics!

As our real Olympiades take centre stage, so will the Mini-Olympiades, with a podium onsite for all children to collect their medals. ‘La foule se déchaîne!’ – the crowd goes wild! Then, take the kids to collect some surprises with the Mini Champion Book. Don’t forget to get a photo with Maurice (our friendly mascot) and check out the rest of Kids Corner’s activities! Le Festival will be filled to the brim with fun and games that are guaranteed to keep your youngsters entertained. See our Olympics-inspired program below!



Visitors will enter the Children’s Corner here! Meet our friendly volunteers who can guide you on the program. Buy your Mini Champions booklets here! This is required to participate in Judo. In the blue zone, you can also:

– Get some Yummy French lollies.

The Sports

Les Sports

Come and try Judo! The gentle art – which is on theme for the Games – is hosted by MTG Judo Club Corinda. Judo is the second most popular sport in the world, first introduced to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, 1964. This will run all day long!

 In the black zone, you can also:

– Play Ping-Pong  

The Stage

la scène

Le Festival Brisbane French Festival kid area flag blue white red

This is our main stage, featuring the Mini-Olympiades competition. A breakdance demonstration will be held in the morning and afternoon both Saturday and Sunday, where emerging hip-hop dancers can unleash their moves. Also, a Tahitian Dance workshop and show promises to deliver cultural dance, music and song. Not only this, but kids will get to:

– Meet Faris Le Fox

– Learn the Olympic dance with a volunteer 

– Collect rings to win a prize on a treasure hunt!


VIP Tent with Maurice

Les VIP de Maurice

Le Festival Brisbane French Festival mascot Maurice doggy

The Yellow Zone is our VIP Tent. Shh don’t tell anyone but our local celebrity Maurice will be there for kids to take selfies and dress up as Olympic athletes. After participating in the Mini-Olympiades, a photoshoot will be taken on our handmade podium by French artisan, Andre.

The Activities

Les Activités

Le Festival Brisbane French Festival kid painting face

There will be a bubble extravaganza with the help of Bubblelicious Creations, and both the Sparkle Society and Cheeky Faces for face painting. Glitter and sparkles will be plentiful in stock. Also, Flying Fox Studio is hosting the crafts for Olympic-themed crafts. Kids can play French Board Games, and eat crepes to their heart’s content. Create your own:

– Coloriage (colouring in) your drawing will come alive with Google Wakatoon!

– Eiffel Tower crafts and traditional Pêche aux canard

– Olympic games and Olympic flag



Live entertainment ​Program

All Week-end Roving

Ruba Tuba ♦ Mademoiselle Glitter ♦ Stilt walkers ♦ Mlle Glitter – Eiffel Tower ♦ French acrobats ♦ Ground Rovers