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Exhibitors Terms and Conditions

General Information

1 - Definitions

2. Site Layout and Inclusions

In these Terms & Conditions, the following terms shall be given the meanings below:

Stallholder” is a person or company who will hold a stand at the Event and it specifically refers to Exhibitors and/or Sponsors.
The Event” is “Le Festival”, to be held on 5th, 6th, and 7th July 2024.

The Exhibitor” is the person or company named on the Exhibitor Registration Form.

The Market” is the French Market held on July 5th, 6th, and 7th, as part of Le Festival. 
The Organisers” are the Brisbane French Festival committee and any duly authorised representatives.

The Sponsor” is the person or company referred to in a tailored Sponsorship Agreement.
The Venue” is South Bank Cultural Forecourt & Parklands, South Bank. 

The site layout is subject to change, based on technical feasibility, approval by City Parklands Services (the Festival and Events Liaison Officer), and general availability. Places are limited.

  • All 3×3 marquees include: 3mx3m tent with 4 sides (4th side provided – to be used to close stall at night), corflute sign with your organisation’s name, and flooring when required. One (1) light and one (1) power point of 10amp will be provided.
  • All 6×3 marquees include: 6mx3m tent with 4 sides (4th side provided, to be used to close stall at night), corflute sign with your organisation’s name, and flooring when required. Two (2) lights and two (2) power points of 10amp each will be provided. 
  • All local Artist and Artisans Tables will be supplied with one (1) table (1.8mx75cm), one (1) tablecloth, and one (1) pipes chair, so any additional requirements should be noted or self-provided.
  • Allocated spaces for Food Trucks do not get any equipment from Le Festival. Please clearly indicate your extra requirements (eg. extra space, power etc…) when registering. No generators will be accepted for powering Food Trucks.

Note 1: Floor protection (EventGrip) is mandatory for all stalls requiring a food license or if stall is placed on grass
. Le Festival will provide EventGrip to all stalls when required at no additional cost.
Note 2 : Electricity supply will be limited. Stallholders are required to advise the event coordinator (exhibitors@lefestival.com.au), in detail, a list of all the electrical equipment they intend to use, and to book extra electricity supply if required. *Please use Appendix 1 to provide your detailed list of equipment.

Note 3: Stallholders will not be provided with tables, chairs, or any other furniture. Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own equipment. If the Stallholders needs to rent specific equipment, Le Festival can share contacts of our preferred supplier upon request. 

Note 4: All exhibitors must only use signage provided by Le Festival on the exterior of the tent to ensure aesthetic consistency throughout the Event. Exhibitors are responsible for the entire set-up of, and decoration within, their stall.

3. 2024 Festival Trading Hours

Friday 5th July – 4pm – 10pm
Saturday 6th July – 8am – 10pm
Sunday 7th July – 8am – 5pm

All Exhibitors are expected to trade for the entire duration of the event (opening hours). If there are any issues, please email the Exhibitors coordinator – exhibitors@lefestival.com.au – at least three weeks prior to the event.

4. Stall Structure and Safety

Exhibitors may not enter any stall space or any area within the site where work is being undertaken, until or unless authorised to do so. In case of repair or replacement of market infrastructure, or installation of power provision occurring after an exhibitor has started setting up, the exhibitor must clear any required areas to allow safe working conditions and wait outside of the work area until they have been given clearance to re-enter. Exhibitors should contact 0494 145 139 if they require additional assistance on the day. Exhibitors must not move, manipulate, or alter any of the shade structures or furniture supplied by Le Festival. Under current Work Health and Safety Regulations, you can be held liable for any injury caused by your stall setup or any alterations you have made to infrastructure put in place by Le Festival, including but not limited to: tent structures, electrical cables, furniture, weights, ropes, and ties.

5. Set up

  • Set up will start on Wednesday 3rd July 2024, and should be completed by Friday 5th July 2024. Note : Driving on the grass is strictly prohibited unless proper track matting is used.
    On-site Facilities: 
    • Protective turf flooring (EventGrip) must be used during bump in/bump out and during the event period. 
    • Cold rooms: Cold rooms can be booked through Le Festival before June 21st, 2024. Exhibitors who want to bring their own cold rooms MUST get prior approval from Le Festival before the above date; no private cold room will be accepted on-site without approval
    • Power: Power must be pre-booked at time of application. The Organisers will endeavour to provide sufficient power to meet all exhibitors’ requests, however some restrictions may apply. 
    • Water: The Organisers cannot guarantee the availability of running water onsite, but will put all efforts into providing at least one shared water access point. Exhibitors may  bring their own water supply.

Exhibitors are responsible for ordering and arranging all other equipment they will need. For assistance, Exhibitors can directly contact our preferred logistics supplier. 

6. Exhibitors Bump-in Times

Exhibitor bump-in, including vehicle access, will be on Friday 5th July from 8am to 2pm only.

Exhibitors’ arrival times will be allocated in accordance with the set-up timeframe for each individual area of the festival site, and will vary depending on stall location and will be allocated two weeks prior to the Event. You will only be permitted to enter the festival area during your allocated Bump-in time. 

Any vehicle driving on-site will need to be escorted by the on-duty traffic controller; site access will be available through Russell St (Wheel of Brisbane side). Vehicles are permitted for unloading purposes only and must not remain onsite during stall set-up. All vehicles must be removed from site by the time arranged by the Organisers in the bump-in instructions. Please also be aware that entering the Event area without permission will be considered a breach of your Exhibitor Agreement.
Exhibitors must be set up and ready to trade by 3pm on Friday 5th of July 2024. If an exhibitor has not arrived by that time, their stall may be removed or released to another exhibitor. There will be no refund of stall fees.

7. Dismantling

Exhibitors cannot dismantle their stalls earlier than 5pm, and must be completed by 9pm, on Sunday 7th July 2024. 
For public safety, the Organisers cannot guarantee vehicle access to the stands before the conclusion of the Event at 5pm. Please plan accordingly.

8. Cleaning and Waste Removal

Exhibitors are responsible for removing all their rubbish from the event site and should bring sufficient garbage bags to remove all rubbish from the site daily. General waste and recycling bins within the public domain or within the Event areas are not to be used for stall waste.

Please ensure that no rubbish is left behind, within, or around your stall area at the end of the day’s trade. Exhibitors found to be breaching this condition will not be invited to attend Le Festival in future years and will be invoiced extra cleaning costs incurred. 

To report any cleaning issues or problems on the day, please contact the Event Logistics Manager (0416 411 247).

Note : Large bins and liquid waste IBC will be provided by the Organisers.

9. Conditions of Payment

To confirm registration, once your application has been approved, a 50% payment will be required, payable within 10 days of approval notification. A further invoice reminder will be issued at the end of May 2024 for the outstanding balance of 50%, payable within 10 days of receiving the reminder. Please register as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee space availability to all exhibitors.
 Note that stall space is not guaranteed until full payment is received. 

10. Cancellation Terms

All cancellations must be communicated to the Organisers in writing.
 For cancellations up to June 2, 2024, an administration fee of 25% will be retained. No refunds will be made for cancellations after that time.

11. Security and Insurance

Please ensure you arrange adequate insurance for your property and that personnel will be in attendance to supervise your property throughout the Event. The public liability insurance cover held by Brisbane French Festival does not cover individual exhibitors. You are advised to contact your insurance provider to ensure that your public liability insurance covers all aspects of your business public liability while on-site throughout the Event.

You MUST provide the Organisers with a copy of your insurance certificate at least four weeks prior to the start of the Event. However, it is recommended that you provide this insurance certificate upon registration if possible. Failure to provide an insurance certificate by the specified deadline will prevent you from operating at the Event.

12. Exhibitors are responsible for:

  • Supplying all required personnel and equipment to operate their stall (ie. menu boards, tablecloths, serving utensils, waste buckets, staff, product displays, appropriate food packaging etc.).
  • The security of money/cash and all stock for the duration of the event.
  • Compliance with all relevant laws, codes, and regulations, including but not limited to: safe food handling, and hygiene laws and regulations (Queensland as well as Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code), the Australian Consumer Law, and Health & Safety laws.
  • Providing their own payment systems.
  • Ensuring adequate staffing of their stall for a positive and efficient customer experience. 
  • Line Management – Exhibitors must have a line management system in place to ensure there is effective communication to customers when lines are long. Le Festival aims to provide an exceptional and positive festival experience for all visitors, thus managing the length of exhibitor lines, including indication of approximate waiting times to consumers is critical to ensure this is upheld.
  • All exhibitors must have adequate stock levels to trade for the entire duration of the event. Tens of thousands of visitors will attend Le Festival, expecting to see every stall open and operating. Exhibitors who sell out of stock with more than 1 hour of Le Festival Event Day trade remaining may not be invited to attend future events.

Full bump-in/out details will be forwarded to exhibitors no less than two weeks before the event. 

13. Lost and Found

Customers and Exhibitors can report any lost and found property to the Event Logistics Manager.

14. Proper Conduct

We ask that exhibitors are mindful and respectful of the site, their fellow exhibitors, and all people they encounter while at Le Festival.

Abusive, aggressive, or threatening behaviour towards a festival staff member, other exhibitors, or festival customers, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Any Exhibitor found to be behaving in an unacceptable manner will lose their exhibitor bonds and stall holder fees in full, may be removed from the Event, and will not be invited back to this or any future events.

15. Smoking and alcohol consumption within the market

Smoking, drinking, and use of drugs are not permitted at the Event Market site (even behind your stall) at any time.
Exhibitors may be removed from their stalls if these rules are not respected.

16. Goods dispatch, freight, couriers, customs and shipping agents

Brisbane French Festival cannot assist exhibitors to deliver or dispatch goods to and from the Event. The Organisers will not accept courier deliveries and will not be liable for any related costs. All goods must be delivered during the allocated bump-in times for the Exhibitor’s allocated stall.

17. Before or after the event

To ensure consistency and accuracy, all enquiries, notifications, modifications, and requests to Brisbane French Festival must be communicated in writing by email.
Due to the high volume received, casual verbal remarks or comments cannot be properly recorded to verify accuracy and consistency.
For any Exhibitor or related enquiries or assistance, please email the Organisers at: exhibitors@lefestival.com.au
For any other questions, please email: info@lefestival.com.au

Full Terms & Conditions - Declaration

  1. The Exhibitor shall comply with the rules and regulations stipulated by the Organisers, the Venue, and with all relevant State and Commonwealth Acts. Occupation of a stall under these terms and regulations is a contractual license right for a specified registration period. These terms and conditions are not a lease and do not confer any estate or interest whatsoever in any land, or any right of exclusive possession in any part of the stall.

  2. It is compulsory for all Exhibitors to read and accept the rules outlined in the South Bank Parklands Contractor Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental Induction Handbook. Exhibitors will have to read and electronically approve this document as part of the application process. Failure to provide confirmation by the specified deadline will prevent the Exhibitors from operating at the Event.

  3. Due to a sold-out marketplace each year, we cannot reserve a position without completed booking forms and payment. Sites are allocated to Sponsors in the first instance, then on a first come basis, but all are subject to change at the Organisers’ discretion for whatever reason.

  4. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse an Exhibitor’s registration.

  5. The Organisers have the right to deny any stall application if the Organisers deem that the business is not aligned with the French theme of the Event.
  6. All Stallholders MUST provide a copy of their public liability insurance at least four weeks prior to the start of the Event. However, you are advised to provide this insurance certificate to the Organisers upon registration if possible. Failure to provide an insurance certificate by the specified deadline will prevent Exhibitors from operating at the Event.

  7. To confirm registration, once your application has been approved, a 50% payment will be required, payable within 10 days of approval notification. A further invoice reminder will be issued at the end of May 2024 for the outstanding balance of 50%, payable within 10 days of receipt of the reminder.

  8. All cancellations must be communicated to the Organisers in writing. An administration fee (25% of the contracted fee) is retained for all cancellations up to June 2nd,  2024. No refunds will be made for cancellations thereafter. The stall cannot be sold, hired, or otherwise transferred under these terms and conditions. This Agreement exists solely between the Exhibitor and the Organisers, and no transfer or sub-leases are permitted.

  9. If, due to any unforeseen circumstances, it is found necessary to alter or modify the Market opening hours, the Organisers reserve the right to do so, at their sole discretion.

  10. The Organisers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the Market and will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the Exhibitor in this regard. In the event of cancellation by the Organisers, no refund will be organised. All parties’ insurances will need to be contacted in case of losses.

  11. The Organisers reserve the right to terminate any activity, on the part of any Exhibitor, that may cause annoyance or disruption to other Exhibitors or visitors.
  12. Business must be conducted from the Exhibitor’s own stand only.

  13. No Exhibitor shall install any sign, gazebo, stand, wall, or obstruction, without the prior consent of the Organisers.

  14. The Exhibitor will not damage any part of the Venue, including the grass or any equipment therein, with nails, screws, oil, paint, or any other material or cause whatsoever. No stakes, poles or other items are to be inserted into the ground at the Venue. No vehicle is to remain parked on-site during the event. Flooring will be provided according to stall type requirement only. 

  15. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to keep their stand clean and tidy during the Event, and while bumping out. Exhibitors must read and accept the South Bank Parklands Contractor Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental Induction Handbook. This document must be approved electronically as part of the application process. If cleaning/repair incurs additional costs, as determined by the Organisers, the fees will be charged to the Exhibitors.
  16. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their products, display, and stand, at all times. Materials or property should not be left unattended at any time, except overnight when the Event site is closed to the public.

  17. Food Exhibitors must not sell cold drinks, whether they are refrigerated or not, unless they have been purchased from & supplied by the Organisers. Soft drinks, water, cordials or similar are considered to be cold drinks in this context. 

  18. The Exhibitor warrants that they will not sell products that breach any laws and regulations.

  19. Exhibitors must not sell alcohol neither provide free samples to intoxicated patrons.

  20. It is the Stallholder’s responsibility to attend the Event in a timely manner to set up the stall. Set-up must proceed strictly as advised. Exhibitors are required to follow staff instructions at all times while on-site. 

  21. Stalls must not be removed or dismantled before 5pm, and dismantling must be completed by 9pm on July 5th 2024. For public safety, the Organisers cannot guarantee vehicle access to the stands before the end of the Event at 5pm. Exhibitors should contact the Organisers if they require additional assistance on the day.

  22. The Organisers will not be responsible for the safety of any exhibit or property of any Exhibitor or any other person, or for any loss, damage, or destruction of the same, by theft or fire, or any other cause, or for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by the Exhibitor. The Event is an all-weather market. As part of your Agreement, once you have paid for a stall, you are obliged to trade regardless of inclement weather, and no refunds will be given. Le Festival will provide a covered area suitable for conducting your business; however, it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to protect the stall and its contents from environment effects.

  23. The Organisers shall not be responsible for any damage claimed by any person or persons who may be injured whilst in the area allotted to the Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Organisers in the event of any claim made against them (the Organisers).

  24. Every Exhibitor hereby accepts liability for all acts or omissions of themselves, their staff, contractors, agents, and visitors, and indemnifies the Organisers and keeps them indemnified against all liability in respect thereof and against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, and expenses whatsoever, which may be made against the Organisers, including any legal costs. The Exhibitor undertakes to arrange their own appropriate public liability insurance.

  25. To ensure a reliable and adequate power supply, power usage will be strictly controlled. Additional electricity will only be provided upon request and after approval by the Organisers.

  26. A stall is designed for use solely by the Exhibitor named on the Registration Form and should not be shared with another company. The Organisers reserve the right to allocate all stall locations within the Event site. You will receive an email indicating your stall number and location prior to the event date. Stall locations are allocated randomly to provide a fresh atmosphere. This also caters for technical requirements, including electricity, and to accommodate the variety of products being sold. Whilst the Organisers make every effort to ensure minimal modifications to the layout of the Event, and allocation of stalls, last minute changes are a possibility.

  27. Insurance requirements demand that every Stallholder must use the marquees provided by the Organisers, as hired by an exterior company. 
You cannot use your own marquee, according to the required insurance policy.

  28. The Organisers reserve the right to prohibit or restrict activities in whole or in part, and reject any Exhibitor or their representative in the case of failure to comply with these regulations. There shall be no return of payment if the Organisers deem such restriction, rejection, or prohibition necessary.

  29. All prices are exclusive of GST.

  30. Please ensure that you read through all the documents provided to you in the Exhibitors’ Guide thoroughly before completing and submitting. All requested attachments must be submitted with the application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

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