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Natural Fragrance Creation Workshop

With Miriam Young from Theoria Gold Parfum

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Le Festival's Materclasses 2024

Natural Fragrance Creation Workshop

Discover the art of fragrance at Australia’s premier 100% natural perfumery workshop, hosted at the scenic Le Festival in South Bank. Led by Miriam Young, a distinguished French Botanical perfumer, this unique masterclass offers a rare opportunity to delve into the world of natural perfumery using traditional French techniques.

In this exclusive two-hour session, you will engage in the hands-on creation of your very own Eau de Parfum. Miriam will guide you through the intricate process of selecting and blending essential oils from a diverse palette of scent families, including Floral, Oriental, Citrus, Aromatic, Wood, Green, and Moss. This tailored approach allows you to craft a personal fragrance that truly resonates with your individual taste, whether you prefer masculine or feminine scents.

What makes this workshop truly special is its unwavering commitment to natural craftsmanship. With 90% of the aromatics certified organic and no synthetic materials in use, you are ensured a product that is both pure and environmentally conscious. As you take your bespoke fragrance home, you will witness the captivating evolution of your scent. Over 2-5 weeks, the natural plant molecules will blend and mature, culminating in a complex and harmonious perfume that is uniquely yours.

As part of your perfumery experience, you will also enjoy delightful refreshments provided by Le Festival, enhancing the ambience and ensuring a memorable day.

Join us for a sensory journey with Miriam Young, where you will leave not only with a deeper understanding of natural perfumery but also with a one-of-a-kind perfume that embodies your personal essence.

Miriam Young from Theoria Gold Parfum

Miriam Young, the natural perfumer behind Theoria Gold, is trained in the Traditional French method of perfumery. Beginning her career in 1995 as an Aromatherapist, Miriam later became a Medical Herbalist, Counsellor, and Healer. She is also the internationally bestselling author of “Detox for Living: Natural Cleanses for Modern Disease.” With 24 years of practice as a Medical Herbalist, Miriam combines her deep love of fragrance and her passion for natural healing in her workshops, providing an unparalleled fragrance experience with her premier Australian natural

Class Include:

  • Your own 20ml eau de parfum creation to take home
  • 1 x glass of bubbles
  • Nibbles
  • 2h with Miriam Young French Botanical Perfumer from Theoria Gold

All sales are final – no shows will be charged the full amount without refund.

Schedule subject to change.

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In stock

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